Sunday, October 18, 2009

But Aubrey dear, I've already bought you diamonds this week

I totally said that last night in a very snooty voice. It was said at the Salt Lake Capital Theater shortly before the performance of Macbeth that we attended (boring, it was an opera and they took a lot of liberty with the story). They had some blingy stuff out at the merch table (or whatever you would call those tables) for the rich folk to buy. Best part was that I actually had bought her diamonds that week. Why did I do that? Because I'm totally marrying her in January and the ring (which I had custom made) is finally done.

All of you are probably saying "So wait, didn't post for the last two months because you've been too busy falling in love and getting engaged? Oh, that's okay then." and you'd be totally right. I'm glad we're on the same page and that you're okay with it. Some things are just more important than broadcasting myself onto the internet.

So anyway, yes. I'm getting married. You may be invited. We'll have to discuss it. Who am I marrying? None other than Aubrey (as noted in the title, that's her on the right!), the very same Aubrey that attended Food Inc. with me a couple months ago. After the movie and such we had a great chat and things pretty much picked up from there. Now you might be asking "Hold on, you're already engaged and two months ago was only like you're thrid or fourth date?" to which I say, "Actually, we got engaged about a month ago, I just never told you, suckahs!" That's just how it worked out, and I couldn't be happier. Aubrey would like me to add that we've known each other for over a year, which is supposed to make it look like we spent more time together before we decided to get hitched. Don't let it fool you though, we hadn't so much as had a conversation until I asked her out in May (but then a bike accident got in the way).

Other updates: I'm switching back to pre-med in school because that's what I actually want to do (wish me luck). Turns out being engaged isn't conducive to good grades, but I'm working on that. My brother and his wife had their first child this week, which makes me the uncle of four now. AFI (one of my favorite bands) put out a new album this week, and it's actually pretty dang good. Cafe World is the best Facebook game ever, totally killing the farm games. If you feel like you deserve a wedding invite (or at least an announcement) and we haven't talked about it yet, you should probably mention it now.