Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Observant readers might have noticed my earlier note about my intention to go into the Food Science industry. Or at the very least, I've changed my major to Food Science. Following such, I've received the question, "What is that?" or something like it from many people. Wikipedia says:
Food science is a study concerned with all technical aspects of food, beginning with harvesting or slaughtering, and ending with its cooking and consumption. It is considered one of the life sciences, and is usually considered distinct from the field of nutrition.
I'll add that it's basically Organic Chemistry with a food orientation. More specifically, the preservation, development, and enhancement of foods (making it so people will want to eat it). This branches out pretty wide, including those who want to make food more transportable/sustainable for those or need it, and those who want to make a food as delicious as possible as to make lots of money of it. I would want to be more of that first group. But either way, as the Western Diet gets worse and people start to freak out about it more, people will (ironically) look to food producers for answers. This means that the industry will continue to grow.

This leads me to my next point: There is currently a 100% job placement rate among food science graduates at all universities (excepting those who go on to graduate studies or professional programs) with high demand for more. Those with a Bachelors degree make at least $50k/yr to start plus benefits. Those with a Masters are around $70k/yr, and PhD's are about $90k/yr. And that's just to start. Did you catch that, Mom? No one will be starving to death.

So while all that is nice, what do I plan to do with it? I'm not too sure at the moment, to tell the truth. I know it sounds fascinating and that I'd rather be part of the "Good Guys" than The Man. But I simply don't know enough about it yet to make a decision. I'll working on some career research and talking to the professors over the summer while things are low-key. Hopefully I'll have an answer for that soon.

Now that I've gotten all that out there, I've received some suggestions of other careers I might pursue. I'll list and address them here.

Doctor/PA: You know, I'm really not sure about this one. I like the idea, but I'm just not sure. Either way, Food Science is a great major for pre-Meds and if I do really well, I'm going to apply for Med School anyhow. I'm not ruling it out, but I'm not making it my focus anymore.

Finance: While being a high-roller businessman seems pretty glamorous, I'm pretty glad to have given it up. This doesn't seem very attractive anymore.

Join Air Force and become a lawyer: I'm not really sure how this one came up. But I'm thinking no.

Become Large Animal Veterinarian, move to Oregon and start practice with my brother. We'll call it "H****** & H******" or maybe even "Kick @$$ Vets." There would probably be a show on Animal Planet about us. Of those listed, this one sounds the most promising as an alternative. High demand, good pay, lots of time outdoors. Not to mention all the time with cute, fuzzy farm animals! I only just recently discovered that horses get all furry in the wintertime! How cool is that? They're like giant puppies!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost-Broken Promise

Happy Birthday Aubrey! I love you!

I once made a promise that I wouldn't get a Blu ray player until Space Jam comes out on BR because that movie's awesome. I've kept that up so far, But something happened. The completely awesome Fantastic Mr. Fox happened.

Aubrey and I decided that we definitely wanted to buy work of genius. I figured the DVD would be like $16. That's how much new DVD's are on the release day, right? Wrong, they wanted $18 for this one. But I spied that the Blu Ray was $25! I thought those things were like $40. They certainly used to be...you know....a year and a half ago. I guess things change. But back to the point, the BR includes not JUST the BR, but also the DVD, and 3rd disc so you can make copies on your PC and iPod. Cuss Yeah!! So after we went and got tasty Thai food last night after school (thanks, Mom!) we went and picked it up. It's even better when you watch it at home because you can talk about the cool stuff (and, you know, pause it when you need to). Also, I never realized Dumbledore was the voice of Bean. That's freaky.

Also, Nemesis, you're the only person I know with a BR player, so if you wanted to borrow that disc, you totally can.

P.S.* Just as a note: No, we didn't buy a BR player. We just bought the disc.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So yes, I went on dates, then I got engaged, then…

…Yes, I did get married. For anyone that might not have had a chance to ask me how it is, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone else: It’s great. Two thumbs up!

That was over two months ago now. Life is sort of calming down now. Actually, that’s a lie; it’s pretty wild and crazy all the time. Those people that told me I’d have more free time after I got married were full of it. My brother Dave was the only one who gave it to me straight. Last month Aubrey and I were hometeaching* and someone asked us “what we do for fun” and neither of us had anything to say. After a few seconds I managed to say, “Sit on the couch for a minute?” But then I realized this might also include the things I’d like to do for fun, such as riding my bike and snowshoeing.

As for the things that have been keeping me busy, it’s just the same ol’ stuff.

- We’re still in the process of getting our apartment into “Home Mode,” but we’ve made good strides. If you look at just right angle from the couch, its looks perfect. (Photo forthcoming)

- School is still going. Side note: Don’t get married during school. I know I did it. I don’t regret it. I like being married very much. But coming home to homework when all you want to go home too is your wife totally sucks. A nice, no-homework post-marriage period would have been awesome.

o Another note there: I changed my major a while ago to Food Science. I’m actually really excited about it, but I’m not sure which Food Science-type career I want to pursue at this point. I know I have a very strong desire to stick it to "the Man" of the food industry, but I'm not sure in what way.

- We just got our taxes done: BBBLLLLAAARG! That’s all on that one

- Aubrey’s job is sort of in jeopardy. Not because she isn’t good (She’s the best little teacher in the world! That’s a fact), but because she only got a one-year contract and her school administration are kind of pussy-footing around on what they’re doing next year. So we're crossing our fingers on that one too.

But summer's coming soon. Praise the heavens...