Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Revisited

I'm sure no one remembers that one time when I blogged about getting worked by

But either way, redemption came yesterday. I was busy planning my post-marriage vacation on Orbitz (note: You get some pretty redonkulous deals on hotels on that site, just saying) and I was dissatisfied. Sure, going to San Francisco was going to be cool, but there's was a Promo Code Box next to my subtotal that was just screaming to be filled. I was a bit weary of that box. I've lost some of my deal-scavenging mojo because of that stupid horse tape and I wasn't sure if I wanted to get into that all over again. However, I was feeling a bit daring:

Step one: new tab
Step two: Google "Orbitz Promo Code"
Step three: click first option,
Step four: Find something that looks relevant to 2 round-trip flights and 4 nights in a hotel.
Step five: Copy, Paste, Enter
Step Six: $50 off my honeymoon.

Bam baby. Fifty free bucks, just for me! The mojo's back! Put that in your trailer and tow it,!!!


Aubrey said...


coolmom said...

Now you can eat while you are there.

lilcis said...

Ok, now that I'm caught up on the debacle - what happened after all that? Did you get your refund?

CoolBoy said...

Yes, I unceremoniously got the money back about a week later. Thank goodness.