Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It was a Christmas Miracle!

I'm not sure where the phase, "Christmas Miracle" came from, but I've always enjoyed it. So much so, that I often use the phrase when it isn't Christmastime at all and just use whatever holiday is nearest Halloween Miracle, Easter Miracle, Veteran's Day Miracle, you get the idea). Sometimes this degenerates all the way down to just a "Wednesday Miracle." But hey, I know I feel like I miracle on some Wednesdays.

Anyhow, as most people already know, I've had a recent Christmas miracle: My car was found!!! Not only was it found, it was right in a BYU parking lot! Right by where I normally park! With plenty of gas and all my stuff still in it, and hardly any extra miles on it... and nothing wrong with it at all....

I know what you're thinking, and no, I didn't just leave it there. I remember distinctly that I didn't drive that day because Coolwife and were going on a date in P-Towne that evening and didn't want to end up with two cars. I was starting to get really worried that I was turning into Tyler Durdan, but then I noticed that the electronic door locks make really strange noises on the driver's side now. So that makes be feel a little more justified.

And just because it's a good story, I'll briefly tell how I found it again. I was riding the bus to school (as usual) and when we were a few blocks away from campus I get a phone call. The call was from BYU traffic saying that the lot my car was parked in had closed and I needed to move it. I responded that my car had been reported stolen about a month and a half earlier, so that was news to me. The lady then got kind of freaked out, and gave the phone to someone else, who I told the same thing, and I was told to come to the BYU police office. After a little waiting, I drove up to the lot with a BYU copper and it was just fine! I drove it away! Woopie!


Aubrey said...

Still so excited about this! :D

coolmom said...

I get all happy every time I think about it!