Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Domesticity... a word that once appeared in an essay I turned in for an assignment in 7th grade English. I was not the author of said essay, I stole it off the internet. That was back in the good old days before Google when you could get away with something like that.

Turns out my teacher, Mrs. Perry, was extremely impressed by the usage of that word and asked me where I learned it. I told her that I'd heard my Dad say it before. That was a lie. A lie that was both large, and unwise. She then (appearently still impressed) mentioned it to my mom, who asked when--EVER-- did my Dad use the term "Domesticity" and how I had been around to hear it. I was pretty much caught then, although I never really admitted it until now. Fortunately, I don't think anyone ever spilled the beans to Mrs. Perry. And I NEVER copied anything off the internet again...I don't think....

However! It should be noted that every so often I make an attempt at domesticity in a literal sense. Some months ago I encountered a book called Hello, Cupcake! that has domesticity all over it. I decided to take a stab at one of the cupcakey creations inside it for a family picnic thingy that we had last weekend.

Meet Old Swampy the Crocodile:
Oh yeah, now who's domestic and awesome and stuff? I screwed him up in a few ways, but did my best to fix him. I didn't have the book/picture anymore when I made him, so I was winging it for the most part.
I'm not sure who was more excited, the kids or my mom, but it went down pretty dang well. I haven't eaten any of the cupcakes yet though (and probably won't ever). Whenever I undertake a large baking project I never eat any of the finished result. I get tired of it or something.

So there you have it: a confession and an accomplishment. Greatest post ever, right? Tell all your friends!


Lauren K said...

You and you're internet thievery ... I'm glad you have now got a job at a copyright office and understand the magnitude of your actions ...

p.s. alligator = awesome, nice work coolboy, nice work.

coolmom said...

Jenny and I were craving those cupcakes for days afterward!!!

Me again said...

Just found your blog through one of your sisters blogs.

Was reading some old entries and had to comment about your mission in the DR.

My oldest brother and his family are currently living there. He works for the church and travels all over the region as a facilities guy.

he is always telling us about how different (but fun)it is over there. They have the additional fun of living over there with their 4 daughters. Their 5th and oldest daughter is living over here going to college at U of U (whatever U is in Logan) and just came back from visiting them for the summer.

Anyway just had to comment. Its a small world.

deerhollow said...

What a coool blogger you are! Fun to find you out there blogging. Very sweet critter you concocted.
I remember the sweet tooth you had when you would come over to our house...look at you go!!