Monday, August 10, 2009

I fought the law...

...And we called it a draw.

Long story made short: just because your tail lights are out it doesn't mean the bulbs blew it. Sometimes it's just your fuse. But hey, you got new lights out of it in the meantime, didn't you? Also, the courthouse cops are much cooler than the traffic ones. I think working at midnight has something to do it (or just the jealousy of my car which is still very, very sexy The courthouse cop even complimented me on her).

On a sidenote: The Corn Refiners Association has started a PR campaign to try and defend High Fructose Corn Syrup. The general idea is not to refute any of the accusations, but to say rather arbitrary things like "It's made from corn! And it's fine in moderation!".

But! My favorite part is that a bunch of nerds got together to make informative spoofs of the commercials. Both can be found together here on my sister's post, Speaking of Corn. (I might add that I showed her these, she just posted them first so I'm leaching).

On a note even farther to the side: The comments on each of vids are pretty interesting. Specifically, there was one for the spoof version that read "[Dang]! He just blasted that [girl] with information!" that made me laugh for quite some time.