Friday, June 19, 2009

In which REI knows me way, way too well

Earlier this week, the peeps at REI had a meeting:

President and CEO Sally Jewell: Okay, so Coolboy's been into the cycling thing for a few weeks now. He's been out several times, had a minor accident, hit 30mph...

Vice President of Merchandising Angela Owens: He's such a stud!

Sally: ...and is going to for his first 20-mile ride tomorrow, weather permitting. He'll be in the market for some more gear about now. Maybe another pair of shorts and a couple more jerseys. What do we got?

Vice President of E-Commerce and Web Strategy Brad Brown: He always goes for sales though, that doesn't do us any good. He usually stops around $40. We want a good $50 out of him this time.

Sally: Hmm... what could be throw at him?

Then the skinny guy intern in the back is all like: What about this little number?

Hoe. Lee. Crap.

I'm still trying to come up with a good excuse to justify the money, as it was a bit pricey. No shipping charge? First day with no bandages since the accident? It'll help the guys in my apartment accept my new habit of spandex shorts? My Quarter Birthday? I'm open to suggestions.


coolmom said...

How about just cause you liked it? That works for me about once a year or so. I think it's very cute. I want a pic in the spandex.Do you have an account with then and a member card? You can work on your rebate credit.

work veri: horatio


CoolBoy said...

I did indeed like it, and I did finally get a member's card there. I should have done that years ago.

Horatio's the Man.

vw: ameth (what people are going to think I've been smoking when they see me in that jersey)