Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something Bad Happened...

...and I'm still not over it.

I love this guy:

Problem though, is that he's also Dr. Cockroach PhD

Jasper on 101 Dalmatians
Whiney Mr. Palmer
And whoever the crap this guy is supposed to be

You might ask, "So wait, an actor has played more than one character? And you're complaining?". Yes, yes I am. Because whenever I see my boy House in any other role, I get really confused. And that right there is my problem in the first place. He isn't Hugh Laurie, he's Gregory House, so any time I see him with his normal accent or in another role I think "Woah woah wait, who the heck is that guy?" But nothing could have ever prepared me for what I saw this weekend:

And then I suffered a case of sudden-onset epilepsy and slithered off my couch in tremors.

A comb over. No, not that. Anything but that! Fine! Put him in a family movie. Make him all cheery and helpful and fatherly. Heck, you can even put Geena Davis in there too if you like. But then you go and make him all smiley and sweater vesty and give him a comb over. Do you hate me tv? Do you? Seems like it (But I must add, Geena Davis' red hair is pretty hot). How am I supposed to enjoy one of my favorite shows if every time I watch it I think about Mr. Fredrick Little? It just isn't fair. Fox really should get some kind of insurance against this kind of thing. Maybe some more marketing to help me forget about it. But, the damage is done. Does anyone have the number of a good therapist?

P.S. After two weeks I was finally able to make a fist with my right hand again, which was celebrated with a 13-mile bike ride. No one even got hurt.


Jenny said...

Dude. That is the reason we have a copy of SL at our house. I think it's hysterical. Who exposed you to this?

CoolBoy said...

When I turned the tv on to program our new universal remote it was on. And I can't change the channel without a screwdriver (hence this new remote), so I was stuck with it until I got it working.

Also, it had the bird in it, so I think it was really SL 2. but cheesy House was still there.

vw: hagbooth! Like, where someone else's mother makes phone calls! bwah-hahaha!

Nemesis said...

I TOLD you he was in 101 Dalmations. Also Mr. Palmer was not whiny--he was awesome. I believe that 18th-century character is from Blackadder, btw.

Sophie said...

BTW Hugh Laurie is super awesome wat eva he does and just because u have some issues you should not blame the smart people who cast him.
and the 18th century pic- BLACKADDER- one of the greatest things ever put on uk television.
how could you not know this??? if you just want to see him in house then for they love of god just buy a House DVD and just spend your time watching that.

Oh and one more thing he was George (Blackkadder),Fredrick Little and Jasoer B4 he was House and i shudfder how you would react to Bertie Wooster for Jeeves and Wooster.