Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh yeah, I went to Colorado once

I went on a small adventure to Colorado this past weekend. Much more of an adventure that I thought it was going to be too. The purpose was to see this band:

And you know what? We did!

We saw them from the second row of this place:

And it was AMAZING! Turns out there's a magical place in the Rockies will mountains and trees and streams with crazy huge red rocks sticking up out of the ground all over the place. And it also turns out that they do a lot of rock concerts there. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Red Rocks Amphitheater. My roommate B---- is a hardcore fan of the band (he's from the same town as them) so he was willing to 1) not only make the drive, but 2) sit in line for 4 hours so we could go get lunch and still get great seats. Props to you good buddy! It was a really good concert, I even enjoyed the songs I didn't know. The venue was beautiful, the town was beautiful, and I'm sure the 6,000 white chicks that were there would have been beautiful too if they hadn't been wasted (or at least pretending to be) and spilling their $7 cups of beer into each others hair and cleavage.

So that was day #1.

On day two I woke up in Colorado Springs, in the home of a family I had never before met (Friends of B---- from his LDS mission there). Turns out they were really nice and even made us breakfast! Of course, we didn't eat it until about 1 P.M., but it was still very good. We then spent the rest of the day visiting the Olympic Training Center, going to small town called Manitu where we found treasures such as the one shown at right (No, that is not my arm). The whole place reminded me a lot of Seward, AK but without the ocean. From Hippie Towne went went over to a park called The Garden of the Gods and hopped around a bit on the rocks there.

There was a small bit of debate over what to do next, but more importantly than that: this is when my cell phone decided to break. Precious little thing. It's doing okay now, but if anyone stumbles across a free iPhone or Blackberry, I'm your man.

Day #3 wasn't that great for me. My arm had been giving some trouble and I didn't sleep well. Also, the wonderful family that let us stay for two nights has a cat. A cat that I pet until it purred like a chainsaw and then I itched my eye. Did I mention I'm allergic to cats? Nice one. So church was sort of a non-event for me. We then went by the USAF Academy and checked out the chapel there. Turns out they have rooms for 4 denominations: Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and even Buddhist! The Buddhist one was the coolest. I'd have gone in and hung out if I could.

That was the end of the vacation, we then spent 7 hours in the car or something. It was great...ish.

This is what my apartment should look like