Monday, July 12, 2010

24 0206

Ok, time for some more 24. I think this time I'll only pause to comment during the "previously on 24" time, "commercial breaks," and the 4-square thingys at the end. That way it won't take so long (and it might be easier for readers to follow). Also, time posts are grouped by scene.
I think that the Arab ambassador guys were good. Also, the helicopter going down was fake. The fiance is totally bad. Also, Kim sucks. I'd stay away from Nina, Jack. Vampires man...that's scary crap.

2:30 Nina got a pardon! Good for her! Jack's gonna get himself in twouble again.

3:18 Holy unnecessary "WHOOOOOOOOSH!" when Pres. Palmer got out of car. Sheesh.
4:18 HA! It's her! Pres. Palmer's crazy freaking ex wife! I knew it! And why does she keep making eyes at the secretary lady?
5:35 Whatever man, whatever That lady could have to say. I wouldn't listen to her for 5 seconds. No way on the 5 minutes.

6:20 Man, fiance stinks. just kill him now Tony. It'll save people so much time.
7:10 Suck on that, SUCKAH!!!

7:30 Calling it: the media leak is Roger's fault. They're going to blame it on the weirdo from before. But it's going to be Roger.

9:00 George. You're making a mistake. It's easy to tell.
9:18 This is where Jack covers the camera and tries to kill Nina (They stop him though).
10:50 HA!!! Jack's screaming at someone! He needs a new hobby.
11:40 And now he's killing people. Seriously. Learn some new tricks. (Also, called that too.)
12:30 Yeah, it starts out as a "oh yeah, I was just freaking her out" until he actually DOES try to kill her before too long. And then he says stuff like, "Don't let anyone in the room for 5 minutes." Sigh.

[Commercial Break]
OK, we know a few things here: Jack's going to try and kill Nina in a few hours, Pres. Palmer needs to watch out for Cheryl, and Kim's a moron. More on those later (I'm guessing).
[/Commercial Break]

13:55 Bridezilla's still here. I forgot all about her. Darn.
15:00 I can't tell what I hate more: Bridezilla or her tied-up shirt.

15:30 Remind me to say more about that Doctor and Megan's Dad later.
16:20 She made that crap about cell phones up.
16:30 Daddy's other daughter is a vampire now. She'll bite you if you're bad!

17:19 Woo hoo!! Jack's getting answers!
18:20 Well, one answer, anyway.

19:00 HA! It was Roger. That was easy.
19:30 Also, since when as the military gotten anything done in less than an hour?
20:00 Also, he's bluffing.

20:30 Here it comes. Charlie's stealing his only surviving non-vampire child. Now his worst fear for names of grandchildren will just be things like Julio and Altagracia. None of the Resnesmee crap.
22:00 McGill is such a bad name. Good try though, Kim.
22:40 News flash little girl, rule #1 of survival in this show is "Only trust a Bauer when you're far away from them."

[Commercial Break]
Uuuugh, would it have killed them to dye Kim's eyebrows as well? I hate that in tv shows/movies. Also, it came to my attention that Megan's Dad is Charlie on the Twilight movies, meaning that both of Bella's parents are in here. And they're both crazy people. Plus that guy from LOST. This is getting out of hand. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure when we watched Roger tell that military guy something from behind the glass, he didn't tell him what Pres. Palmer wanted him too. It was probably something like "Just make it look like you're not evacuating anymore, but keep doing weird crap so I can further embarrass the Pres." You'll see.
[/Commercial Break]

24:30 No he won't hurt you. He'll sic the vampires on you! Blood everywhere!!
25:50 I wonder if McGill here had any idea that his girlfriend was nuts before this episode. Also, how is any of this relevant to the main plot?

27:00 She's so mousy.
28:00 Yeah dude, don't tell her anything.
28:40 Bad move.
29:15 Guess who saw that coming? ME!!! Also, her prime suspect is That red-haired lady. That must have been what those glares were about.

[Commercial Break]
Yes Palmer, it is one of her manipulations. Also, I'm getting tired of typing. I'm going to save it for something significant.
[/Commercial Break]

32:00 Dear Fiance's Dad: Way to yell at Sister for no reason about stereotypes, because government officials frequently show up at weddings as a result of racial profiling. Classy.

36:30 It's about time Nina started getting freaking and mean. Sheesh.

[Commercial Break]
[/Commercial Break]

38:45 Woah! He broke! I didn't see that coming.
39:20 It was the Dad.
YEEEEEEEEEAHH!!!!!!!!! I got it! Of course, now that it's out, I can only assume the Dad's a patsy. You can only rock that scowly beard and those eyebrows for so long.

40:30 Holy crap! McGill just rocked that guy!! Way to go, man!

43:00 Ha! Jack drugged him. Nina's in trouble.


Valli said...

Dude, this is great! Now I don't even have to watch 24. You have saved me so much time! Especially since I'd only gotten to 3pm of the first season. Then Dave told me the wife died and I didn't bother watching the rest.

Can you work on Lost next? I've seen three sceens from one of the first seasons. Polar Bears? I'm so not going to waste that many hours of my life watching it to find out. But because you're so awesome maybe you can just give me the high lights. Thanks.
(This was a little long. Not to be repeated in the future. I promise.)

CoolBoy said...

Aubrey hasn't watched anything past the 1st season of LOST, so that very well could be on the agenda. I'm thinking about giving Burn Notice a try too, I hear it's good stuff.

And since you're the only one commenting, you can make it as long as you like!

CoolBoy said...

Also, the polar bears in Lost: There's another island close by that had a Zoo. The end.