Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a few things

I forgot my headphones at home again. Work will now feel about 3 times longer. It also means I can't keep going on my 24 binge. That's okay though, I'm sure I'll get to it before long.

Also exciting for today:
  1. With all the dead time at work I'm finally getting around to backing up the media stuff on my laptop so I can install Windows 7. I hope it's as much as an improvement as people say it is.
  2. There's people coming over today to drop off a couch we're holding on to for my old roommate while he's out of town. They better be nice to Aubrey or bad things will become of them.
  3. We've been trying to buy a portable dishwasher from some dude we're calling Dan the Dishwasher Man all weekend. He's a slippery fellow and we're hoping that today will be the magical day that we can pick it up and not have to wash any more dishes by hand. If we get it, it'll be the first time I've lived with a mechanical dishwasher in 5 years. Wish us luck!


coolmom said...

I just got a new computer at wotk with Windows 7 on it. I haven't noticed much yet, but I'm not using it much either. I'll make a point to starting noticing and let you know. One thing I noticed is that when you have more than one window open it only shows the icon once in the bottom bar but when you scroll over it, it shows little versions of all the pages. That's cool.