Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 0213

Ok, so I cut ahead a little bit. Writing was just bogging me down. But we'll have an update here.

First, the biggest surprise.

Bridezilla: WOW. I didn't see that coming at all. It's one of the two things I didn't. but dang, I never took her for that crazy. The following is a transcript of my IM conversation with Aubrey as I watched (we were talking about a 24/Twilight Mashup, since Bella's parents in the movie are both in 24.

4:46 PM Aubrey: yeah! he's not a vampire! but, if he was, I bet he'd just smash the vultori and be done with it.
me: Holy crap
It would have all been over in 1 book
4:47 PM Especially if the only person getting in his way was Bella's lame sauce dad
Dead vampires everywhere
4:48 PM Aubrey: snap. take that meyer. we could make an awesome youtube video for that if we were that type of people.
me: That's true
4:49 PM 24's over now too. We could probably get little Kiefer himself
Aubrey: oh really? what makes you say that?
4:50 PM me: Well, depending on what he thinks about Twilight, he might be down.
4:51 PM Aubrey: that's true. of course, he might be a big fan.
me: Well, if he's got a sense of humor...
4:52 PM Aubrey: hahaha. true. heck, if stephanie meyers is a fan of 24...
we could get her too!
OR she'll write another book where he becomes a vampire.
I didn't see it coming either
Aubrey: Wow. I guess not: All caps, elongated vowels, and multiple punctuation marks: you are impressed!
4:54 PM me: dang i love this show
It got me good just there

Aaaaaaaah. I do indeed love it. Except for Kim.

Jin, aka Agent Baker: Haha! More LOST! That was the one other thing.

Sherry: She's a giant B. Didn't need creepy sound effects to see that coming a mile away.

Palmer: Authorizing torture. Didn't see that coming. But I guess that's the beefing-up that Roger wanted.

Roger: Called it.

Kim: I still hate her. I hope Crazy Mountain Man just kills her instead of trying to repopulate LA. That would do us both a huge favor. Bet you wish you wore a bra now, don't you? (Dumb ho.)

The leader guy at the Mosque who did some PR for Islam: Props to you!

Kate: Way to step up.

Rogue Commando with the Nuke: I called you too. But I thought it would be at the end of episode 12, rather than 13, so you got me there!

Jack: Keep screamin'. Keep shootin'. I love ya bro.


Aubrey said...

You quoted me, how flattering!

cooldad said...

I'm thinking you watch too much television.

Valli said...

Yes, burn notice rocks! Dave and I were introduced a couple weeks before he deployed. We had a marathon so we could watch it together. Finished the last two episodes the morning he left on his jet plane. For people who don't have tv you'd never tell with that binging going on.